• Politics

    The Iranian People’s Just Demands

    The powder keg has been lit once again as the Iranian people’s rage boils over. However, all the TV reports and publications I’ve read written about the recent events in Iran, focus on women’s rights. Take for example, The Guardian’s opinion piece written by Azadeh Akbari titled “Shutting down the internet is another brutal blow against women by the Iranian regime”. She writes: “Amini’s death has given momentum to Iranian women’s fight against discrimination, state control and patriarchy… Activists have seized the possibilities that digital technologies offer in recent years, with campaigns not only for changing laws and policies but also to bring to light more taboo issues such as…

  • Writing

    “Upon Your Domain, Death Too Shall Come To Pass”

    On an almost daily basis there is evidence of the 21st century hurtling toward the abyss of a modern dark age. Humanity, it seems, is suffocating in the stench of pseudo patriotism and ignorance. The latest example is the queen who died with millions grieving this symbol of empire colonialism that caused the genocide, racism, exploitation and theft of more than a billion human beings. However, sadly enough, we can hardly find a trace of class analysis from both the working class and the intelligentsia in England where, for example, in the midst of a major strike, UK rail and postal workers called it off stating that “Following the very…

  • Video

    A Tribute to Langston Hughes

    A tribute to Langston Hughes (1901-1967) The Poet of Harlem Renaissance It was nearly 40 years ago when I became acquainted with Langston Hughes' poetry through Ahmad Shamlou, a great Iranian poet who had masterfully translated and recited them. I must admit that of all the recitations I've heard, Shamlou's recitation is by far the mightiest, the most militant and the most touching. I've chosen 15 of these poems and created video clips to accompany them.