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    The Chameleon

    The petite bourgeoisie is an amazing social phenomenon. On the color spectrum of social forces, and compared to the two main classes in capitalist society, i.e., the bourgeoisie and the proletariat who have a relatively fixed economic position and social identity, the petite bourgeoisie has neither. Instead, it fluctuates along the spectrum. That is, depending on the conditions of class struggle; depending on the balance of power, the petite bourgeoisie can transform itself into any color and it can take any identity; it can convert into any ideology and it can show affinity towards any denomination, because the petite bourgeoisie is full of dreams and it grabs any string to…

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    A Look at Iran’s Recent Upsurge

    What’s going on in Iran right now is without a doubt an intense scene of class struggle throughout the country. But the fact that you can’t sense any one particular class characteristic in the current spontaneous movement, or in other words, the fact that its class nature looks murky is because of two main factors: a) the very class composition of revolution in Iran, and b) the state and balance of power within the forces of revolution. On the one hand, we see a growing working class who’s been faced with capitalist exploitation on an unfathomable scale while being kept deprived of the most basic rights such as the vital…

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    A Tribute to Langston Hughes

    A tribute to Langston Hughes (1901-1967) The Poet of Harlem Renaissance It was nearly 40 years ago when I became acquainted with Langston Hughes' poetry through Ahmad Shamlou, a great Iranian poet who had masterfully translated and recited them. I must admit that of all the recitations I've heard, Shamlou's recitation is by far the mightiest, the most militant and the most touching. I've chosen 15 of these poems and created video clips to accompany them.