• Philosophy

    Philosophical Antagonism between Marxism and Religion

    (With a look at The Organization of the Iranian People’s Mojahedin and its ideological developments in the first half of the 1970s) The founders of the Organization of the Iranian People’s Mojahedin (OIPM), as a symbol of the revolutionary petite-bourgeoisie in the democratic and anti-imperialist movement of our country, acknowledged the scientific-philosophical superiority of Marxism and its indisputable role in revolutionary practice in the contemporary world. And with that acknowledgement, they tried to amalgamate and arrange petite-bourgeois revolutionism with proletariat themes. The result was an eclectic philosophical doctrine that was committed to Islam while also interested in some aspects of Marxism. This, however, was neither coincidental nor was it limited…

  • Philosophy

    A Look At Dialectics

    Dialectics facilitates the understanding of the complex issues of the universe. What is difficult, however, is to comprehend dialectics(1) itself. It is difficult to comprehend dialectics because in order to understand it, one has to go beyond the realm of formal logic — the logic to which we have been accustomed for thousands of years. The relationship between formal logic and dialectical logic can be compared from one perspective and to some extent to the relationship between picture and motion-picture; between photo and film(2). Formal logic shows us disconnected, frozen, and static moments of reality, just like a photograph. Conversely, in dialectical logic, moments appear in their continuum and in…