On Conspiracy Theories

Sounding like a conspiracy theorist doesn’t necessarily make you wrong if your theory is based upon empiricism. Having a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean you are some right-wing extremist nut job basing your theory entirely on superstitious beliefs and magical thinking of the worst kind like all the anti-vaxxers. And by empiricism, I mean the actual past and present conspiracies against the people of the world for profit. 

Let’s take for example, the conspiracy of the tobacco companies keeping secret their own medical findings for decades leading to the death and/or suffering from various illnesses for millions of people. What about the conspiracy of the fossil fuel industries who for decades kept secret their own findings regarding global warming from the people of the world and spent hundreds of millions in diverting this truth in various ways? How about the governments, despite this truth, who continue to subsidize these industries while our planet is becoming more uninhabitable by the month because their shareholders have the money to buy politicians? 

And while we’re on the subject, I have a conspiracy theory of my own regarding the war in Ukraine based upon facts and circumstantial evidence. I believe the American eagle poked the Russian bear with the intent to start a war. The American government had signed a treaty to not encroach upon their doorstep with countries joining NATO and thereby positioning the American military and weapons close by. The US broke the treaty again and again. Putin actually asked for a guarantee that Ukraine would not be asked to join otherwise war would ensue. The US refused to oblige.

So far, the American weapons industry has made a killing (pun intended), NATO which was beginning to fracture is more united than ever, and Western Europe which had many lucrative business ties to Russia is backing off at the US’s demand. Politically, strategically and financially, the US has profited from this war. Not to mention the fact that there was a coordinated effort to get rid of the democratically elected last government in Ukraine only to have the American backed present one whose support partially came from Neo Nazis who are still members of the Ukrainian government. Zelensky’s first step was to make a deal with the IMF which privatized previous public works and plunged millions of Ukrainians into poverty. I do not buy the status quo that this is a war of good against evil. Putin represents his circle of oligarchs, Zelensky represents his and the American oligarchs are laughing all the way to the bank. The real victims are the Ukrainian and Russian people. My heart breaks for their suffering.

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