Langston Hughes - 1901-1967

Let America Be America Again

A tribute to Langston Hughes (1901-1967)
The Poet of Harlem Renaissance

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  • Rachel

    I have always treasured Langston Hughes’ poems for the resonating voice he gives to the oppressed and subjugated through them. Unfortunately, there are too few American literary giants, instead, the rising sea of triviality and superficiality floods the minds of the multitudes of distracted sleepwalkers. And when there is a form of art portraying real social issues such as racism or sexism, it disconnects from the fact that these issues are an integrated part of the capitalist system. Langston Hughes eloquently speaks out the pain, its class source and what needs to be done. The visuals accompanying this poem are simply stunning as is the voice of Shamlou. I may not understand Farsi but Shamlou’s voice and intonation speaks volumes and seems to thunderously echo the meaningful words I read.

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