Capitalism as a Social System

I often say this to capitalist advocates; ‘there’s nothing wrong with capitalism except that everything in it is upside down’: the economics, the politics, the artistic and the cultural, the intellectual and the scientific life of this organism called Capitalism is irrational, is warped, is wrong.

Economically, it is more than capable of producing beyond all the needs of humanity yet most of humanity is kept in dire straits, troubled, broken and driven into the abyss. And above all, under capitalism, human labour— the most vital, the most creative ability of human beings— has in large turned into uncreative, unsatisfying and meaningless activities.

Politically, the affairs of society and the direction they should take are shaped and driven not by the needs and wants of the people nor by their will or aims, but by those who control the economic life of society, while humanity is kept atomized, isolated and fragmented as much as possible. Dog eats dog kind of thing.

The artistic and cultural life under capitaism, as everything else under this system, is mainly turned into shallow, short-sighted and even blind activities that are first and foremost ‘a way to make ends meet’ while making ends meet itself, is nothing but a struggle.

The world of intellectual and scientific minds, under capitalism, is at the mercy of who pays for it, and towards which direction they want it to go?! Under this system, our people of science go and conquer space yet we, as a universal community on this planet, are incapable of finding a way out of this endless human suffering all around us.

Not to talk about the fact that the very nature of this system and the very objective towards which it operates is detrimental to the survival of our planet and all forms of life on it.

In one word, under capitalism, everything is objectified. Everything loses its meaning. Everything becomes alienated from humanity because humanity itself is alienated from itself and everything around it. In fact, the biggest dilemma of humanity resides in alienation. And that is why this system is in an essential and irreconcilable contradiction with humanity; with we the people. And that is why it must be eradicated.

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